Vikingebarn i blomstereng

Welcome to Steinkjer!

Here you can read about Steinkjers history and what services we can provide our citizens.

Welcome to this vibrant city surrounded by a dynamic rural community! 

Steinkjer has been sited as one of the best re-constructed cities in Norway.   Set in amongst contemporary architecture you will find cafes, small specialty shops and a large shopping center. Take a tour of the church (Steinkjer kirke) in the city’s central square to admire the new stained-glass windows, created by one of the city’s greatest sons, Jacob Weidemann.

In the city center you will also find the Dampsaga Cultural Center (Dampsaga Kulturhus), movie, theater and swimming pool. Guldbergaunet Sports Park is located nearby and the surrounding countryside and small towns are full of impressive cultural history.
The phrase “welcoming, easy-going and glad” (“åpen, lys og glad”) was first used to describe the surrounding area, tended by farmers who have been able to learn from the past and look towards the future. These words, “welcoming, easy-going and glad” (“åpen, lys og glad”), have become a motto that Steinkjer continuously strives to uphold.
Bjørn Arild Gram                                                                  Torunn Austheim
Mayor                                                                                 Administrative Director

Steinkjer’s Historic Roots
People have lived in Steinkjer for over 6000 years thanks to an excellent standard of living. It was that quality of life that attracted the notice of a Viking king in the 1000’s, and he demanded that all the local chiefs should submit to his authority. But the local chiefs resisted and Steinkjer played an important role in Norway’s unification. It was, in fact, Kalv Arneson from Egge who led the farmers’ army that overthrew the Viking king, Olav Haraldson in 1030.
Over the years Steinkjer has also fostered many forward thinking women. Henrik Ibsen’s Nora from “The Doll’s House” was based on Laura, a real woman from Lø farm. Fredrikke Marie Qvam started the Norwegian Women’s Volunteer Group (Norske kvinners sanitetsforening) and was a great advocate for women’s suffrage (the right to vote) in Norway.
After Steinkjer was bombed and the town virtually destroyed during the invasion of 1940, the city was rebuilt, becoming a visual reminder of that dramatic period in Norway’s history.   Today Steinkjer is considered one of the best re-constructed cities in Norway and is recognized as a thriving place with festivals, café life, small shops and a large downtown center.
Steinkjer is one of the country’s largest agricultural communities. Active and optimistic farmers make the municipality (kommune) a model for Norwegian agriculture.
Would you like to stand in the very CENTER OF NORWAY? Nord-Trøndelag’s cartography department has found Norway’s exact center, and it lies between Vakkerlifjellet and Skjækervatnet in Steinkjer municipality (kommune).
Would you like to know more about the things that make Steinkjer exceptional? On the municipality’s (kommunes) website you can freely download pictures, logos and history under the heading “Steinkjerprofilen” (Steinkjer’s profile) at:

Steinkjer Facts
  • The city was founded in 1857
  • People have lived in the area for 6000 years
  • The population is approximately 22,000
  • The area is 1564,2 kmô
Mayor: Bjørn Arild Gram (Sp - Senterpartiet)
Deputy Mayor: Ida Bruheim Derås (H - Høyre)
Steinkjer is the central location for the regional government (fylkeskommune). It houses offices for the police and court authorities as well as Nord-Trøndelag’s Chief Administrative officer, regional government offices (fylkeskommune), Trøndelag research and development and the Høgskolen (university college) in Nord-Trøndelag (HINT). 
Steinkjer is Norway’s second largest agricultural community and is a major shopping area for Nord-Trøndelag.
Many progressive industries are located in the municipality (kommune) including NTE (Nord-Trøndelag Elektrisitetsverk), Inn-Tre, Nortura and Norsk (Norwegian) Transport. If you are thinking about starting your own company, the Steinkjer Næringsselskap (business support, information and advice) can help you (
Steinkjer is located:
  • 88 kilometers from the airport
  • 120 kilometers from Trondheim
  • 250 kilometers from Østersund in Sweden
  • 601 kilometers from Bodø

Children in Steinkjer

The municipality (kommune) considers every newborn resident of Steinkjer to be a vital part of the Steinkjer community. 
Welcome! (Velkommen!)
Each of the five health stations in the municipality (kommune) is open for anyone who needs assistance from health personnel.
When the time comes to reserve a place in a preschool childcare center (barnehage) there are plenty of options available.  You can choose from a preschool childcare center (barnehage) that focuses on fresh air (lots of outdoor activities), is located on a farm or that pays special attention to the equality of all children. Regardless of what you choose, the most important thing to remember is that there are plenty of preschool childcare center (barnehage) spots available and every child has the right to attend.
Elementary school options are also plentiful, and most of the neighborhoods and small towns have one. Because there is a special emphasis on student participation, each student is guaranteed an individual learning plan, which is revised twice a year with student, parents and the teacher involvement.
There are also many opportunities for children in Steinkjer outside of school. Dampsaga Cultural Center houses the library and movie theater. The Culture School is also located here and includes a wide variety of options for children including singing, music, dance and drawing. Or… perhaps you are tempted to take a dip in the nearby swimming pool?
Do you want to get more exercise in your free time? Then join one of the open preschool childcare center (åpen barnehage) excursions, regularly arranged for any resident of the municipality (kommune)!

Young People in Steinkjer

In the heart of the city center you find HUZE, a place for teens to gather. They have plenty of space available, and provide opportunities to explore a variety of cultural activities, whether music, theater, dance or video production… you decide! HUZE also runs the Youth Culture Office, organizes Steinkjer’s Youth Film Festival (STUFF) and is well connected to an international network. HUZE rents a wide range of equipment for home use or for a festival or event in your neighborhood.
Music, films and Internet access, as well as books and magazines, are available at the library. The municipality’s (kommunes) three-screen movie theater always has much to offer. Use your youth ID card (“Plænti”) and get a discount!   Would you like to improve your music or dance skills? Then sign up for a class at the Culture School. Are you more interested in sports? Then check out the municipality’s (kommunes) list of clubs and groups (“lag og foreninger”). More than likely you have sports facilities, a band, a choir or a theater group in the community where you live. Swimming is available at the Dampsaga pool or at the nearby beaches along the fjord.
The two middle schools (ungdomskoler) in the municipality (kommune) draw students from 13 local elementary schools. The private Steinkjer Montessori has both elementary and middle school grades.
Steinkjer high school (videregående skole) and the agricultural high school (landbruksskolen) in Mære offer a variety of courses from general subjects to a sports concentration.
Each school has a school health service (skolehelsetjeneste). The health station for youth is located at the Community Services Building (Samfunnshuset), and is open a couple of afternoons every week.

Seniors in Steinkjer

Steinkjer is a city that has much to offer retired adults and seniors. In addition to hiking opportunities in the surrounding area, there are group and club activities as well as regularly scheduled events like senior movies and senior quiz at the Dampsaga Cultural Center. There is a large activity center in Steinkjer as well as gathering places in the smaller towns. Each offers a variety of courses for seniors. The municipality (kommune) also offers cultural experiences for seniors through the program, ’”Den kulturelle spaserstokken” (“The Cultural Walking Stick”).
If you no longer wish to make your own dinner, the municipality’s (kommunes) central kitchen can deliver a good and nutritious meal to your home for a minimum fee.
If you need help in daily tasks, the municipality (kommune) has a variety of resources. Contact the Tildelingskontoret for more information on what is available to meet your specific needs and to determine what you are eligible for.
The municipality (kommune) has three hospitals as well as many senior residences, care facilities and homes for those with special needs.
Customer surveys show that residents have been very satisfied with the services offered by the municipality (for example: help with household tasks, home health aid, help with personal care, long and short-term stays in a nursing home, short stays in senior housing, relief help and residence care.)
You can contact a physiotherapist and ergotherapist (ergonomics) through the Rehabilitation Center at the Egge Health Station. They offer both daily and short-term sessions.
Contact the Tildelingskontoret for more information on all these services either by telephone: 74 16 90 00 or through email:
If you’d like to know more about the municipality’s (kommunes) offerings for seniors and/or for those that need additional assistance, go to:

High Quality Water System

Have you ever drunk licensed water – or used a satellite assisted garbage service? In Steinkjer you can experience both!
The municipality’s (kommunes) drinking water has been ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certified for many years. Steinkjer’s water supply adheres to international environmental and quality standards – so you are guaranteed good drinking water.
Steinkjer also has quality and environmentally friendly sanitation systems with ISO certification. Small computers installed on sanitation truck dashboards use satellites in outer space to navigate our streets! The computer knows where each garbage can is so on trash day can tell the truck where to go and report back to City Hall (Rådhuset) when each can is empty.
Steinkjer municipality (kommune) takes the environment seriously, sorting food waste, plastic, paper, cardboard, and cartons in individual containers. You can recycle other things that you no longer need but other people might use by bringing them to the municipality’s (kommunes) recycling center. These items are then for sale at the STAS-shop in the center of town.
Guldbergaunet Sports Park is another example of recycling and a good use of resources. The sports park is heated with gas that is generated by the garbage dump in Tranamarka!

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle and Good Health

When you need assistance from a doctor, you can get immediate service in Steinkjer. The municipality (kommune) has good medical coverage and the waiting period for your family doctor is rarely long.
If you need help immediately, you can contact the Emergency medical hotline (legevakt) or 24-hour service at 74 14 10 00.
Steinkjer is not far from the nearest hospital. The Nord-Trøndelag region (Fylkeskommune) has two hospitals, one in Namsos and one in Levanger. Both are less than one-hour drive from Steinkjer’s center.
If you need someone to talk to, you can schedule an appointment through NAV to use the municipality’s psychiatric services. The Community Services Building (Sammfunnshuset) in the city center has contacts for many additional services for your wellbeing.
The municipality’s (kommunes) preventative health initiatives focus on a variety of opportunities that assist in better health for Steinkjer’s residents. For example, your group or organization can participate in hikes offered by the People’s Health Coordinator (folkehelsekoordinator).
In Steinkjer you can also find many reasonable low-impact activities like aerobics and a variety of hikes.
Why not get to know the attractions of Steinkjer from the seat of a bicycle? Many routes are included in the brochure “Physical Activity, Health and Well-Being in Steinkjer” (“Fysisk aktivitet, helse og velvære i Steinkjer”) available for free downloading from the municipality’s (kommunes) website,

Free time in Steinkjer

Steinkjer municipality (kommune) has a natural beauty that goes from fjord (an inland saltwater sea) to fjell (mountain) so it is easy to find your way to swimming places, hiking and ski trails, spots to pick Molte (Cloudberries) and forests full of mushrooms. Almost everywhere you go in nature you’ll discover a bit of cultural history (i.e. rock carvings, cemeteries, rural fortresses or the ruins of old houses). Just keep your eyes open!
If you prefer organized recreational activities, you have many options to choose from. The municipality (kommune) is noted for excellent track & field, good facilities for ball sports (i.e. soccer) and winter sports. There are many active choirs and bands in the municipality (kommune), good theater and dance groups and many humanitarian organizations.
Dampsaga Cultural Center is the municipality’s (kommunes) largest building – with a movie theater, library and theater scene; the Culture School is also located here. Dampsaga Swimming Complex, housing a swimming pool, saunas and a workout room, is only a stones throw away.
If you’re interested in art, Steinkjer has a painting club and school as well as an art association. Take a walk around the center and you’ll notice the nuances of this re-constructed city and a variety of sculptures.
Steinkjer is also a festival city. In June we host the Steinkjer Festival with a focus on pop, rock and art exhibitions as well as “Det Store kaffeslabberaset” (a place to gather with friends and drink coffee). The Viking Festival is held in July and has attractions for both young and old alike. In November, traditional music is highlighted as part of the Hilmar Alexandersen Folkmusic Festival.
If you would like to know more about what’s happening in Steinkjer, go to the activity calendar (“Aktivitetskalenderen”) on the municipality’s (kommunes) website:

Places you can live

You have many choices of places to live in Steinkjer. You can find good, affordable existing housing or build on a new plot of land.
Over the last few years, over 100 residences have been built each year. Most are apartments, but single-family homes, townhouses and condominiums are also available.
Steinkjer is a wide stretching municipality (kommune) with many smaller community centers in nearby towns. There are many plots of land both in Steinkjer’s center and in suburban neighborhoods that have been designated for housing and are available for an affordable price.   The municipality (kommune) is also open to building housing in rural districts.
Many private builders are also establishing modern housing blocks in Steinkjer’s center with an attractive layout close to walking paths and to the sea.

Useful contact information

The municipality’s (kommunes) service office (Servicetorget) is on the first floor of City Hall (Rådhuset). 
The telephone number to the central switchboard is 74 16 90 00.
The municipality’s service office is open Monday – Friday from 08.00 – 15.30
The municipality’s (kommunes) website:
Mailing address: Steinkjer kommune, serviceboks 2530, 7729 Steinkjer
For more information:
Sakspost (general questions):

The municipality’s (kommunes) service office (Servicetorget) can help with the following:
  • The assignment of group housing or care facilities
  • Financial assistance
  • Husbankens (the name of a national bank) loans and organizing subsidies and grants
  • Transportation services for those with special needs
  • Advice on adapting, renovating and/or buying buildings
  • Building permits – forms and advice
  • Land surveyors maps
  • Cabin rentals
  • Permits to serve alcohol (both in a fixed location and one that is temporary)
  • Municipal forms
The municipality offices also have a customer computer with access to the Internet.
Steinkjerbygg AS (Construction services) has its own office in the municipality service office (Servicetorget) at City Hall (Rådhuset) and is open Monday – Tuesday 12.00-15.00 and Thursday – Friday 0900-11.30.  The telephone number to Steinkjerbygg is 74 19 40 00.
NAV (The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) has its own entrance on the south side of the City Hall (Rådhuset).   Their telephone number is 55 55 33 33 and postal address: NAV, postboks 2530, 7729 Steinkjer. NAV can also help with financial counseling and social services. More information can be found on NAV’s own homepage,

Web information on Steinkjer kommune

More information about services provided by Steinkjer kommune can be found on the website.  Access is available 24 hours a day. You can seek a place in a preschool childcare center (barnehage), look for job openings, obtain building permits, and send in your water meter reading numbers. The municipality’s (kommunes) city council meetings are also posted online and you are welcome to send in your opinions on specific issues.
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